Marvel (TM) - Ultimate Alliance

Marvel (TM) - Ultimate Alliance 1.0

Ultimate Alliance is action role-playing game focusing on mutant superheroes
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Marvel (TM) - Ultimate Alliance 1.0 is action role-playing game focusing on the exploits of Marvel's mutant superheroes. The game features huge, eclectic cast of Marvel heroes and villains. It is deep, yet largely optional character-customization system. The game also features great variety of environments along with seamless local and online co-op play. There are a couple of truly excellent twists and turns, and the story does a good job of concealing the true nature of Dr. Doom's plans until just the right moment. The controls are well suited to the game platform. The co-op and arcade modes are plenty of fun. There are many missions and side quests to keep the gamer entertained for a long time. The gamer controls a party of four superheroes, chosen from over twenty of the Marvel Universe's most popular heroes. Early in the game, the user has the option of creating their own custom super team, with its own logo, name and everything, or the users can just go for one of the pre-made teams in the game, like the Fantastic 4, the Avengers, or the X-Men. The game has amazing graphics and sounds and provides the gamers with one of the most exciting game plays ever experienced.

R. Fernandez
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  • Co-op and arcade modes are plenty of fun


  • Character progression screen is awkwardly designed
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